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We are the lone warriors that were banished to the Paradox. We were trapped for centuries...until now. We have escaped the depths of the Paradox and now we will bring terror once again to the world of Lore. As everything around us dies we will not. We do not kill unless it is neccesary. But in a time of war, we must kill anyone that proves a threat to us. We must bring the fight to them and take them all out. We must kill for freedom, not for personal gain. The enemy are weak and know nothing of conquest and leadership. They are cowards who gain control with numbers and fear. We need no numbers. It is our skill to kill that leads us to victory.

Whilst trapped in the Paradox we learnt many things. These things were of great evil. We have learnt to access the great strength that the Paradox presents to us. We will spread evil until this whole world is corrupt with darkness.

Now the lone warriors of The Paradox will strike. We will stop for no one and corrupt the whole world with evil. There is no escape. We will come for you...

Free forum : Paradox - Portal Parado10
"Fear feeds on people, Paradox feeds on fear"
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